Colby-Sawyer College Student Discovers DC's Hidden Gems and New Skills at Senator Ayotte's Office

"Being able to intern in a US Senator’s Office is one of the most amazing opportunities that I am so lucky to have experienced. I still cannot believe that every day I get to work and walk around the powerhouse of American government. It makes it even better that I got to work for Senator Ayotte, from my home state. Working in the various offices, legislation, press, the front office, has given me a new understanding and appreciation for the work that goes on in a Senate office. I have learned and use numerous skills that I would not have gotten anywhere else.

Coming from a small town in New Hampshire I could have never imagined the things that D.C. has to offer. The amazing architecture of the city blows my mind every day that I walk around the city; it is also great for amazing Instagram pictures! There are innumerable cafes, restaurants, museums, and events that you can go to. My favorite times in the city have been simply walking down the streets of less-touristy places and finding the hidden gems that most people do not know of. 

The classes are great, I have learned so much about working on my professional image and networks from the seminar class. It really helped to get feedback on business cards, cover letters, resumes, and a personal statement. I have also learned more about such things as a professional Twitter and informational interviews. The seminar really helps to get you into the professional world even if you never had professional experience like me. 

I have to say that some of the most interesting speakers that I went to see were through the Inside Washington Class. The speakers were always pertinent to the topic of the class that week and really helped to show real world examples of the topics that we were discussing in class. My favorite speaker was from Issue One, an organization that works to educate the public on campaign finance reform and money in politics. These sorts of speakers and organizations are all over D.C. and it is totally worth checking them out."

-Aarron Dupuis, Colby-Sawyer College, Spring 2016 Intern with Senator Kelly Ayotte