SUNY Plattsburgh Student Gains Insight Into Various Careers in Business, Government and the Private Sector

"My passion for education has immersed me in the study of finance, economics, statistics, and domestic/public policy. While I am enthralled by my coursework, my mathematically oriented brain craves tangible and practical application of the theory that I study. Typically finance students pursue advanced education and careers in the business industry. This is certainly an option for me, however, I also want to broaden my scope on future career possibilities to include the field of public service that involves the formulation and implementation of governmental policy and/or law. Working at the CRFB allows me to step away from the relatively abstract theory taught in a classroom and position me directly into the real world where academic theory is put into action.

Spending a semester gaining practical and professional experience in Washington will also be extra-ordinarily beneficial to my personal development. Arguably, when one is as interested in economics, policy and law as I am, there is no better place for professional networking and opportunity than Washington, DC. Ultimately, this experience will give me a deeper insight into the world in which my passions lie and will help me to clarify the path that is best suited for my personal and professional future. This entire experience has already been life changing and is helping to clarify my post-graduation goals.

At work and in my WII seminars, I have met many interesting people who come from a range of academic/professional backgrounds. As a result, I have discovered an array of occupational possibilities in business, government, and in private sector for which a specific undergraduate preparation is not necessarily required - occupations that I could consider. Finally, I am learning how our laws drive our economy and our government and find this enthralling…I see myself returning to Washington someday to study." 

-Brin DaleyKeyser, State University of New York at Plattsburgh, Spring 2016 Intern at Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget