Colby-Sawyer College Student Discovers DC's Hidden Gems and New Skills at Senator Ayotte's Office

Colby-Sawyer College Student Discovers DC's Hidden Gems and New Skills at Senator Ayotte's Office

“Working in the various offices, legislation, press, the front office, has given me a new understanding and appreciation for the work that goes on in a Senate office. I have learned and use numerous skills that I would not have gotten anywhere else”—learn about Colby-Sawyer student Aaron Dupuis’ internship in his home state senator’s office and his thoughts on moving to DC from a small town.

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Roger Williams University Student Combines Passions for Journalism, Political Science and Social Justice at Street Sense

"This summer I had the tremendous opportunity to intern in the editorial office at Street Sense. I was able to combine my passions for journalism, political science, and social justice while developing articles on homelessness and poverty in Washington, D.C. 

I wanted to spend my time in D.C. fully emerged in my field of study. Street Sense not only met my expectations, but far exceeded them. I was able to pitch story ideas; follow through with data collection, interviews, and relevant event coverage; write stories that I was passionate about, with a full team of interns’ and the editor’s full support; and ultimately see my portfolio of published material grow drastically over the course of the summer. 

Working with Street Sense was like working with a tightly-knit family, and I was made to feel right at home. Street Sense vendors and interns worked closely with both the editor and executive director of the publication, as well as other staff members. Everyone had a crucial role in the development of the bi-weekly newspaper, and everyone’s importance was well recognized. As an editorial intern, I was tasked with not only developing content through my own reporting, but also editing various submissions that were published throughout the bi-weekly cycles, designing page layouts with InDesign, photographing and reporting on various events pertaining to the issues important to Street Sense, and helping to maintain the online material and archives. 

Not only did I receive great professional experiences this summer, but I also am truly thankful for the personal experiences I had as well. I finished my summer in D.C. with great new friends that I was able to bond with through WII’s programs and classes." 

—Mark D. Thayer, Roger Williams University Junior, Summer 2015 Intern at Street Sense

Rutgers University Student Promotes Health Awareness and Gains Experience for Future Career in DC

"This summer I had the opportunity to intern at Men’s Health Network. This internship combined both of my interests, public health and politics. 

During my time at Men’s Health Network, I helped with health screenings and did a lot of advocacy for Men’s Health Month, which was in June. One of my tasks was to go down to the Congressional Office Buildings to advocate and promote Men’s Health Month and a congressional health screening our organization was hosting. This screening was free to all members of congress, their staff, and anyone who was in the building that day. Later in the month, we also helped organize a congressional workout. After Men’s Health Month was over, I attended a variety of health panel discussions and went out into DC to advocate and ask people how they could help a loved one be a healthier man. 

This internship was amazing as I was able to gain on the job experience in my field. I learned a lot, and had the opportunity to network with many great people.

Along with interning at Men’s Health Network, I also took a class called Inside Washington. This class gave me a better idea of the lobbying aspects of government, and along with my internship, has helped me understand Washington, DC in a new way. I look forward to working in DC in the future."

-Tyrus Jackson, Rutgers University Junior, Summer 2015 Intern at Men's Health Network

Coastal Carolina student quickly learns the value of networking while in Washington, DC

In the short time I have been in D.C. with the Washington Internship Institute, I have experienced a plethora of things that can be experienced few other places. For starters living in the nation’s capital you experience the things that people only read about, such as how the government shutdown effects the way the city is ran. But the experiences here from the internships and the D.C. life are only a small portion of what you do here. From day one with WII you will hear about networking, and begin experiencing it. With WII you meet so many people, beginning with the other students and then you will begin to meet professionals in the fields you want to explore. Many people who you wouldn’t be able to speak to as a professional will do so in D.C. because you are a student. While interviewing a high profile prosecutor at the United States Attorney’s Office I was given the contact information for more attorneys in the National Security department, which then led to an informational meeting with an FBI agent. As April Ryan, the White House Press Corp correspondent, told us in her meeting with our class, “It’s who you know that gets you in the door, and it’s what you know that keeps you there.” Coming to D.C. as an intern with WII is the most beneficial choice I have made as a student, because it gives you the connections you will use throughout your career to get to where you want to be.
— Brian Edgerton, Fall 2013 Intern at US Attorney's Office