Student Ambassador Network

The Washington Internship Institute (WII) launched its Student Ambassador Program in 2013. This program allows alumni of our program to return to their home campuses and talk about their WII experience. Our student ambassadors are enthusiastic about their internship, coursework, and the opportunities they pursued in Washington, D.C. WII student ambassadors are willing to meet with fellow students to answer questions, share stories and pictures, and provide insight and advice.

Our current WII student ambassadors are listed below:

Cazenovia College

Kate Mitchell recently finished her Fall 2013 semester in D.C. through the Washington Internship Institute. She is a Junior at Cazenovia College located in Upstate New York, where she majors in Human Services. In D.C. she was able to intern at a non-profit organization, where she specialized in Arts Administration. This allowed her to combine her love for the arts with her desire to help others. Kate became a student ambassador for WII because she had an incredible experience, and  wants to inspire others to take this opportunity!

Naomi Mekeel spent the best semester of her college career interning through WII in DC, but now she is back on campus at Cazenovia College in CNY as a Visual Communications and Business student. Naomi has a passion for design work. Her semester with WII expanded her skills and knowledge of working as a designer in the professional field. She gained hands-on experience at Seaberry Design & Communications, but the entire city of Washington was her classroom as WII guided her into the role of an active citizen.

Coastal Carolina University

Bryant Lewis is currently a senior at Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach, SC and is working on a political science and history major. Bryant is very active on campus; he is a member of the Inter-Fraternity Government Council and Student Legislature as well as a plethora of other governmental bodies on campus. He is extremely passionate about domestic and foreign policy and international development. Bryant will be graduating in 2014 and attending law school in the fall. 

Colby-Sawyer College

Nick Ciarlante is a senior Business Administration major from Colby-Sawyer College in New London, NH. A graduate of the WII Summer 2013 program, Nick completed his internship in the communications department at the National Republican Congressional Committee. After college, he plans to pursue a Master's Degree in Political Management. 

Find more information about Nick on his e-portfolio.  

Farmingdale State College

Eric Ostrander was born and raised on Long Island. After graduating high school, he traveled to Europe, and lived for 9 months in the French Alps (the first time). He attended SUNY Plattsburgh for three semesters before moving back home and getting a job cooking in a restaurant. Though cooking was a skill he enjoyed employing, he wanted more from his career, so he enrolled at Farmingdale State College. It was at Farmingdale that he really hit his stride. He made honors more than once, and impressed several of his professors. One day after class, his political science professor took him aside, and recommended that he participate in an internship program in Washington, D.C. A few months later, he was on his way. During his time in Washington, DC, he interned for No Labels, a political advocacy group in Georgetown. His experience with WII was easily one of the most rewarding of his entire life.

Roger Williams University

Brett Magellan is a senior at Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI. He graduated from WII’s Summer 2013 program, where he interned for the IRS Exempt Organizations. Currently, Brett is interning for Advocacy Solutions, a public affairs and government relations firm in Providence, RI. After graduation, Brett plans to attend law school to further expand on his political science degree.

Rutgers University

Annie Sayyed is currently a junior at the New Brunswick campus of Rutgers University in New Jersey with a double major in Philosophy and Political Science and a minor in Social Justice. Annie has worked at a travel agency for a couple years and hopes to visit the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. She enjoys photography and absolutely loves the summertime.
Her research experience at Rutgers thus far includes nuclear proliferation as a means of deterrence and counter-terrorism in Turkey and Kuwait through their compliance with the Forty Plus Nine Recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force. She has also participated in undergraduate ARESTY research in psychology, working with at-risk middle school girls through the GLO (Girls Leading Outward) program for one year.

St. Xavier University

Zaheya Hasan is a third year student at Saint Xavier University, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science with minors in Writing and International Studies. She is passionate about education because in the last three years, she has gained experience assisting first-year students in their transition from high school to college.

She recently completed an internship with the U.S. Department of Education in Washington DC, working in the office of Legislation and Congressional Affairs. She assisted with congressional inquiries dealing with students’ loan concerns focusing on payment plans. She created a tracking log for overdue Federal Student Aid casework; which included identification of sensitive matters; sent final responses from Federal Student Aid office to congressional staffers who deal with casework, and digitally archived casework. Additionally, she prepared informational packets dealing with upcoming hearing and issues. Created a legislative updated document that tracked all education related bills that are introduced, upcoming hearings and grant announcement notifications.

If you are a St. Xavier University Student and are interested in the program, feel free to contact her at