#WIIDC intern, Madeline Brush, helps promote the Octagon Museum #AIAFinterns

Madeline is always the first one to arrive at the museum, even before her boss arrives, so she starts the coffee and tea for everyone before digging into her work.

Usually, she looks at the list of past American Institute Architect Scholarship recipients and look them up on the internet because they do not have any of the recipients’ contact information. This consists of finding their information on linkedin.

Once she finds them, she contacts them to see if they would be willing to be interviewed. If they agree to be interviewed, she sets a date and a time to call for their interview and asks if they would agree for the interview to be recorded.

During the interview she inquires about their careers and how the scholarship helped them through school. After the interview is finished, she listens to the recording of the interview, and transcribes it.

On some days, Madeline is tasked with writing press releases for the Octagon House Museum. As a part of the communication team, she is also responsible for updates to the social media accounts daily, and comes up with new ideas to post on the sites.



Check out her blog here: Madeline Meets the World