Myah assists strategic shift of US Coast Guard's policy to Asia/Pacific

At the US Coast Guard International Affairs office, we work on advising the policy side of the Coast Guard. My supervisor is the regional advisor for Europe. In other words, he helps shape the Coast Guard’s policies and involvement with countries in Europe. There are really only four countries that the Coast Guard cares about in Europe: Russia, UK, France, and the Netherlands. They also work with the European Union. As my supervisor shifts to the Asia/Pacific, I assist him in closing the projects he has in Europe. The main country we have projects with is Russia because we share the Bering Strait with them, and they are an important Arctic nation. I have helped him prepare for meetings with the Flag officers (Commanders, Captains, and Admirals) as well as draft bios, letters, and emails regarding events to international forums and with international visitors. Furthermore, I was previously the Foreign Visits intern before they recently hired a permanent Foreign Visits Coordinator. My role was to input foreign visitor information into a database that will organize the information for the counterintelligence agents that will vet the visitors. I also helped the regional advisors in my office organize visits that they were having with foreign officials. My daily job was to send out an email to the sponsors of visits at various Coast Guard units that listed the new upcoming visits. If they had any concerns, they would email me back at our common email address and I would help get to the bottom of the issue. Many times my job involved investigating any issues that someone was having with their visit. Also, I helped informed people of our new system.