Where did you intern this Fall and what were some of your favorite projects?

This fall, I interned at the Office of International Affairs in the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. Within this office, I communicated daily with international affairs specialists, attorneys, and directors. My favorite projects included research involving internet service providers and their connections to crimes occurring around the world. Also, by interning in this office, I worked on terrorism cases and child exploitation cases. These cases meant a great deal to me as both of those topics are of special interest to myself.

What did you learn in your classes?

In the Internship Seminar, I learned many valuable and applicable skills. Specifically, I enhanced my résumé and my cover letter for future applications. I also became more comfortable with public speaking and introducing myself to potential employers or network connections.

In the Inside Washington class, we visited think-tanks every week that provided different perspectives for myself and fellow classmates to analyze. We also participated in academic discussions regarding a multitude of topics including the death penalty, abortion, immigration, and political polarization.

What did you do in your free time?

During my free time in D.C., I visited most of the museums located in and around the city. One of the more unique things that I did this semester was register for a Researcher Card at the Library of Congress to gain access to the actual Library. I also became very close with the other students in the program and we often spent time together, either in the apartments or on trips to the city. Lastly, I went on weekend trips to New York and Southern Virginia because of the easy access to trains and buses.

Recommendations for future DC interns?

For future D.C. interns, I recommend visiting as many museums, monuments, and other historical places as possible. Many times, there are unexpected closures with uncertain openings. This happened to this semester’s students with the closing of the Washington Monument. I also recommend traveling into D.C. for some of the social events that occur over the weekend, including many events that are free.