Q&A with Denzel Averhart, Spring 2018 Intern at The Executive Office of the Mayor from Saint Xavier University


Where did you intern this Spring and what were some of your favorite projects?

I interned at the DC mayor's office, and my favorite assignment was filming the mayor's events. I was able to attend the events, film them, interview people, and edit the videos afterwards.

What did you learn in your classes?

My classes taught me what Washington really has to offer, and how I needed to prepare for the opportunities that could arise. We went over all the hard-hitting topics that currently shake Washington's political sphere, while also learning how to get a job.

What did you do in your free time?

I went to museums and happy hours on the weekends. The Madhatter soon became my favorite place to go after hours. The atmosphere and drinks simply couldn't be beat.

Recommendations for future DC interns?

Really go after every opportunity that presents itself. Push yourself out of your comfort zone, and you may find that you can expand into areas you never thought possible. One lunch with your supervisor could turn in to anything. Give DC a chance!