Bond University Student Learns About Campaign Management with the United Nations Foundation

The Washington Internship Institute program offers a once in a lifetime experience.

"I am currently interning at the United Nations Foundation, with the Nothing But Nets Campaign. My placement at the Foundation has given me so much insight into the day to day operations of campaign management. As the advocacy intern, I’ve had the opportunity to engage in outreach, learn about corporate sponsorship cultivation and lobby on Capitol Hill.

Whilst in Washington, I have had the opportunity to take two classes at the institute. The first class is based around professional development. This class has equipped me with skills to feel confident to enter the workforce by focusing on resume development, cover letter writing and interview skills – basically all of those things you need to learn to be able to secure a job, but are never quite taught at University. I have also undertaken studies in Global Women’s Leadership Development. This class really resonates with me, as a female entering the workforce. During class, we explored issues around gender inequality and assessed the current political, economic and social context of society. We were also prompted to create policy initiatives geared towards fostering effective female leadership.

Washington DC is a truly beautiful place, filled with exciting places and the brightest, perhaps busiest, people. It has been an absolute whirlwind and an experience that has taught me so much about myself and the world."

-Caroline Foley, Bond University, Spring 2016 Intern at the United Nations Foundation