Coastal Carolina Senior Learns about Animal Welfare Issues and Gains Experience for Career

"This spring I had the opportunity to intern at the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF), which is a lobbying affiliate of the Humane Society of the United States. Here at HSLF we advocate for federal and state animal protection legislation, conduct research on members of Congress, and endorse humane candidates running for office.

Some of my responsibilities as an intern included returning phone calls and responding to letters from concerned members, compiling informational records on congressional candidates, assisting with the preparation for the Annual Humane Awards, and attending hearings and press conferences on Capitol Hill about animal welfare issues. I have even been lucky enough that some of my ideas and writings have appeared on our Facebook page to gain more awareness on various legislative priorities.

Overall, this opportunity has enabled me to develop my knowledge of animal welfare issues and the function of social welfare organizations within the realm of politics. I have learned about various state laws, including ag gag laws, restrictions on dog tethering, and requirements for caged hens, as well as federal laws, including those to prohibit horse slaughter and the ivory trade and those to regulate factory farming.  I have also learned about the numerous affiliates of HSUS and their role in the field of animal welfare.  Interning here has been a great experience and has certainly given me a broader perspective; I am motivated and confident to pursue a career in this line of work."

-Kaitlyn Hanzl, Coastal Carolina University Senior, Spring 2015 Humane Society Legislative Fund Intern