Max Mescall's view of internships transformed by "real world work experience" at the National Crime Prevention Council

Currently, I work at the National Crime Prevention Council based out of Arlington Virginia. When I first arrived in Washington D.C. with WII, I thought internships were more opportunities to meet others in my field of interest than actual work experiences. To my surprise, I have obtained both real world work experience in my small office, and had the opportunity to speak to many experts in the field of crime prevention. Instead of fetching coffee or making copies, as I expected I would do while in my office, I am helping research topics for grant proposals, writing blog posts on cutting edge techniques to prevent crime, and interviewing leaders in the field of crime prevention and deterrence. Rather than an office that treats interns with contempt or as people who are there for a few weeks then never heard from again, my coworkers treat me as an equal, and I am proud to say that I am building lasting relationships with those whom share my lunch breaks.

My supervisor is both extremely professional and friendly, and guides me through the day-to-day events in the office. She is extremely careful to make sure that I am not overburdened by my workload, while also trying to challenge me with new tasks, like interviews or promoting the National Crime Prevention Council through its social media outlets. My boss also makes sure that she is available to help me with any difficult projects or assignments, but gives me the independence to pursue my tasks in the manner and speed that I choose. Along with working alongside of her and helping her efforts, my manager encourages me to work together with members from other departments, or within my own department, giving me the real world experience of working with others to accomplish set goals in an office setting.

To say the least, my internship is not what I expected. I hope to continue to learn about my office, and the people in it, in the remaining time that I have here in the nation’s capital.
— Max Mescall, Summer 2014 intern at the National Crime Prevention Council and Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey student