Roger Williams University student Alex Lunter helps run book campaign while interning at Embassy of Papua New Guinea

"A normal day at work begins with an early morning alarm making sure I am awake promptly at 6:45 with a terrible, yet effective, alarm.  After my various morning responsibilities (showering, breakfast, making my lunch, doing dishes from last night, etc.) I meet Chris, my co-intern, in the lobby of the apartments.  From there, we walk to the metro beginning our morning commute, which involves a transfer to the red line, dropping us at Dupont Circle, where our office is.  Once in the office, I put my lunch in the staff fridge, and take my place at my desk.  First, I check for any emails I have received since the last time I was in my office, after I begin my various tasks of the day.  Some days we get given special projects that must be completed that day, but mostly we answer phones, assist the visa officer, Min, or conduct research for people who inquire about Papua New Guinea.  Our tasks vary from conducting and running a book program where we seek donations of unused or discontinued books from various facilities, as well as answer the basic calls and needs of those interested in Papua New Guinea.  We take lunch together as a staff since there are only a few of us, and during lunch we talk about what we have done that day as well as just random topics.  The internship, all in all, is fantastic, the staff is unbelievably nice and helpful and the work isn’t too stressful or tiresome."