Coastal Carolina History major curates at the Octagon Museum

"For  most of the days of my internship, I wake up earlier than for class but take the same metro to the same stop.  My museum is just a few blocks away from the WII office.  I arrive at the Octagon Museum between 8 and 8:30 depending on when I catch the metro.  I spend the first few minutes after I arrive setting up my desk.  I have to turn on my computer, check emails and voice mails. After this I begin doing a number of different things.  They range from working on projects that I have been assigned, to doing research for my boss, even research for the National Park Service (The Octagon partners with the NPS on a project with Ghent in Belgium to teach students about the War of 1812).  I also answer phones regarding questions about the museum and tours.  On some occasions I have given private tours, one of which was to a group of students that are part of the Belgium project.  I switch back and forth between many different things that have been assigned to me and little things that my boss gives me throughout the day.  My day ends between 4 and 4:30, depending on when I got there in the morning.  The museum works with flex time so as long as I get my 8 hours in it does not matter when they are.  Once I get home I try not to do any work unless it is a pressing matter that needs to be finished for the next day

The final type of typical day for me is Friday.  It begins the same way as Tuesday – Thursday until just before 1.  The museum is open to the public from 1-4 Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday we have a volunteer who comes in to greet people and answer questions but on Friday we do not.  It becomes my job to do this.  It is interesting to be the one knowing about the museum instead of the one coming in to learn about it.  After the museum closes at 4, I return to my desk and finish up anything I was working on and leave."