Road Trip: The Hills Are Alive


Yesterday, I visited Duquesne University, and the first attribute of the college I noticed immediately was its topology: in other words, the university is on and around a pretty significant hill in Pittsburgh. If you've ever been to Pittsburgh, you know it's a hilly place--they even have a funicular (and, yes, I mainly mention that just so I can use that word), so it wasn't necessarily a surprise to me, but the campus is unique in that they accommodate the hilliness (if that's a word) in interesting ways. The campus is compact, so many of the buildings are high-rises. They also have skybridges connecting many buildings and spaces to alleviate some of the hiking. That being said, when meeting students, I asked if they all have killer calves; one students responded, "every day is leg day at Duquesne." The gardeners at Duquesne do great work and show school pride:

I met with a lot of students today, including the sister of a student who was in Washington this summer and a student who will be joining us in the spring. I also met with some great faculty members in Political Science and International Relations, but also from English and Public History. It was a good trip and I look forward to coming back in the spring to meet even more "Dukes."