What is Faculty Fellows?

Faculty Fellows was started several years ago by the founder of the Washington Internship Institute. Her idea was to offer faculty the same kind of experience we offer students: the chance to gain professional experience in organizations in the nation's capital--an opportunity that really exists nowhere else.

This year, I resuscitated the program, as, even before coming on board as President two years ago, I had considered this program one of the most interesting and valuable opportunities available for faculty and administrators.

Once admitted to the program, Faculty Fellows intern at an organization I help them find four days out of the week. The other day of the week, we meet to discuss their work, and to meet with professionals working in the higher education field across the city, starting with our partners at the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

With us this semester, we have three Fellows who come from different perspectives (though all from the state of New York, somehow) and are doing very different work during their time here.

I hope this blog will give you insights into their experience and allow them to share what they have learned and what they hope to bring back to their campuses.

For a more detailed description of the program, please visit our Faculty Fellows page.