Ursinus IN DC



Credits and Billing

  • You can earn 14 credits from Ursinus during the fall and spring semesters:

    • 8 credits for the internship

    • 4 credits for the Core Course and 2 credits for the Internship Seminar

      • During the summer, Ursinus students can earn 6 credits for the internship, 2 credits for the Core Course and 1 credit for the Internship Seminar

  • You pay what you normally pay to attend Ursinus to participate in our program during the fall and spring semesters: your financial aid travels with you to DC.

Consult with your faculty adviser and Ursinus staff to determine your credit and billing arrangements.

Application Process

Campus Contacts

  • Sharon Hansen, Director of Career and Professional Development, shansen@ursinus.edu, (610) 409-3599

Where Ursinus Students Have Interned

  • American Legislative Exchange Council

  • US Department of Justice

  • National Immigration Forum

  • Smith Center for the Healing Arts

  • Student Conservation Association

See other examples of where students have recently interned.