Mount st. Mary's IN DC



Credits and Billing

  • You can earn a full semester's worth of credits from Mount St. Mary's during the fall and spring semesters: a total of 15 credits for the internship, Core Course, and Internship Seminar

  • You pay what you normally pay to attend Mount St. Mary's to participate in our program during the fall and spring semesters: your financial aid travels with you to DC.

Consult with your faculty adviser and Matthew Pouss to determine your credit and billing arrangements.

Application Process

Campus Contact

  • Matthew Pouss, Assistant Director / Lead Internship Coordinator,, (301) 447-5202

Where Mount St. Mary's Students Have Interned

  • Embassy of the Gabonese Republic

  • Human Rights Campaign

  • US Department of State

  • National Council of La Raza

  • Internal Revenue Service

  • Council of the Americas

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