Inside Washington: Politics and Policy

Inside Washington: Politics and Policy takes an in-depth look at a variety of different domestic policies -- ranging from health care to gun control to climate change. You will hear from the professionals making policies what their positions are, how they shape those policies, and what your role is. 

You will be able to explore interests you're passionate about and that affect Americans' daily lives -- and discover what you can do to change how things work.

After taking the course, you'll be able to:

  • Identify the justification for government action on public policy issues and analyze the importance of government institutions and processes;

  • Analyze the politics of public policy decision making and the pros and cons of different policy options;

  • Evaluate theories related to the public policy process;

  • Apply an understanding of the public policy process to a specific issue;

  • Engage thoughtfully with public policy experts;

  • Further develop your written communication skills.

Download sample syllabus for Inside Washington (PDF)

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