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Credits and Billing

  • You can earn a full semester's worth of credits from Fairfield:

    • 9 credits for the internship and Internship Seminar

    • 3 credits for the Core Course and an optional 3 credits for the Independent Research Project

      • Special Requirement: Fairfield expects students to complete a significant written research project that will ultimately be returned to a supervising professor for review. Ideally, the project will complement the focus of the internship.

  • You pay what you normally pay to attend Fairfield to participate in our program during the fall and spring semesters: your financial aid travels with you to DC.

    • Contact Patricia Pivarnik to determine the cost of participating in the summer.

Consult with your faculty adviser and Fairfield staff to determine your specific credit and billing arrangements.

Where Fairfield Students Have Interned

  • Congressman Stephen Lynch

  • Linguistic Society of America

  • Institute of World Politics

  • Northeast-Midwest Institute

  • Senator Charles Schumer

See other examples of where students have recently interned.

Application Process

  • Apply through the Study Abroad office at Fairfield and

  • Apply online through our online application system.

Alumni Experience

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