Cazenovia College student not disappointed by Washington, DC adventures!

As a graphic design student, I didn’t come to DC for any political appeal. I came to experience the adventure of living, working and studying outside of my comfort zone.

My advisor Jason helped me find an incredible internship with Seaberry Design and Communications, where I had the chance to design websites, promotional graphics, marketing materials, posters and so much more. Forget those horror intern stories about only going on coffee runs and making copies: I gained insight into working as a professional in the graphic design field.

The biggest thing that impacted my time here in DC was the amount of networking opportunities WII opened to us, besides those I discovered on my own. I met many media specialists, including a White House correspondent and a number of former and current congressman, including former Senator Joseph Tydings who served as John F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign manager. The list of people I met and exchanged business cards with, which then turned into informational interviews over lunch or coffee, is lengthy. I am leaving DC with connections I will keep into the future.

If you’re a potential WII intern (and made it all the way through this long post, woohoo!), I strongly encourage you to spend a semester in DC with this program. If you are a prospective student but not studying politics, don’t let that stop you because there are tons of opportunities for us non-poli sci students here! I am leaving DC as more well-rounded student. I came for adventures in DC and I was not disappointed.
— Naomi Mekeel, Seaberry Design & Communications intern from Cazenovia College