Q&A with Erick Elias of Farmingdale State College Interning with the Internal Revenue Service


1) Where did you intern this Fall and what were some of your favorite projects?

I interned at the Internal Revenue Service in the Research, Applied Analytics, and Statistics Division. My favorite project was forecasting the revenue the IRS is expected to receive the following year using statistical programming languages.

2) What did you learn in your classes?

The classes taught me how to become a more professional person and helped me get out of my comfort zone to develop connections.

3) What did you do in your free time?

During my free time, I explored the city, took advantage of a six flags season pass, and joined a water polo team.

4) Recommendations for future DC interns?

I would recommend DC interns to develop as many connections as possible and get the most skills out of their internship in order to boost yourself in the job market.