@NRCC intern and @colbysawyer alumnus Nick Ciarlante Learns the Right Side of Politics

For the past ten weeks, Nick Ciarlante, a senior Business Administration major from Colby-Sawyer College learned what it meant to be on the right side of the political realm. Ciarlante, a registered Independent accepted a Communications Internship at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) this summer. Being a non-election cycle, Ciarlante made the most of his time at the NRCC in hopes of inspiration for a future career in politics himself. In the office by 8am each day, Ciarlante would read the news and prepare himself for the day ahead of him. Day-to-day routines changed, and some days were more exciting than others, but overall Ciarlante says that it was an exciting time at the NRCC. “The summer started off slow but quickly picked up with candidates and Members coming into our office daily. Working in the Communications Department I had the opportunity to be in the video studio and watch Representatives Paul Ryan, Scott Perry, Andy Barr, Tom Petri and many more come in for either a satellite interview or video recording. I also had the opportunity to watch media trainings for both current Members and candidates as well.” 

When he wasn’t in the video studio, Ciarlante was either at the front desk assisting the office manager or at his desk working on a variety of projects. Over the course of the summer, Ciarlante and his communications colleagues completed Congressional District press and radio distribution lists, Chief of Staff, Communications Director, and Scheduler databases for the Republican Members of Congress, completed the NRCC Surrogate App—which is a profile of the key Congressional elections across the country, and more. When asked about his overall thoughts about his internship Ciarlante said, “Though hesitant to accept the position in April, as I wanted to work in a Congressional Office, I am glad that I accepted this position with the NRCC. Working at the NRCC exposed me to many more opportunities than I would have received if I were in a Congressional Office. I had a great experience, but am amazed at how fast the summer has gone by.” Ciarlante hopes to continue his involvement in politics fresh out of college in 2014 when he and the GOP look to maintain control of the House of Representatives.