Colby-Sawyer College student gains hands-on news reporting experience at WJLA-TV ABC7 News Channel 8

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"It was truly and honor and a blessing to be able to work as a Sports/News intern for WJLA-TV ABC7 News Channel 8. I was able to see first-hand how a top 10 news market in the nation runs its business. I would sit in on meetings we’d have in the mornings comprised of our reporters, producers, and team managers as we would discuss popular topics in the district, who would cover them, and then what time they would air on our news station. After the meeting, I would be assigned to a reporter and then I would shadow them the entire day as we would go out and cover whatever story was assigned to us.

It was an amazing experience because I was able to travel across the DMV interviewing different coaches, athletes and clients from the high school level to the professional level. I was able to see first-hand how these reporters go about their business on a day to day basis, how they gather their resources, how they talk to people, how they shoot, write, and edit their stories. Thanks to the reporters and producers I was even able to put together multiple demo reels of stand ups and newscasts involving news and sports stories. As someone who is aspiring to be a television news reporter, this was the most hands-on experience an intern like me could’ve had.

Washington D.C. is an amazing city because it is a melting pot full of all different types of people and cultures. There are a ton of great restaurants to eat at, and there are so many things to see, from the national mall, to the museums, to all the different sporting events. D.C. has a professional soccer, hockey, football, basketball and baseball team and the stadiums are always filled with people. The night life culture in D.C. is pretty awesome as well.

The classes were pretty fun and also very informative. My seminar class was very helpful to me because I was able to learn how to navigate in the business world as a young man. My professor taught me many things like creating a business card, how to write a cover letter, how to build a strong resume, how to network, and how to handle different situations that might happen in the workplace. My Introduction to American Politics class was also a very helpful class because it gave me insight into many issues that are going on in our political world right now. With the election coming up this fall I couldn’t have asked for a better time to pick up on politics.

Overall, these past three months have been the greatest experience of my life and I thank the Washington Internship Institute for allowing me to be a part of something so special."

-Richard Damas, Colby-Sawyer College, WJLA-TV ABC7 News Channel 8, Spring 2016 Intern.

Bond University Student Gains Competitive Advantage at U.S. Department of Commerce

“I am interning with the U.S. Commercial Service at the Department of Commerce in Washington DC. The U.S. Commercial Service is an organization that promotes and supports American companies exporting to foreign markets. My duties at the U.S. Commercial Service include creating performance metrics spread sheets, infographics, media advisories, newsletters, weekly department reports, managing an award program and assisting my colleagues in whatever they can use my help. The internship relates perfectly to my studies of international business and gives me the possibility to gain university credits through practical work. My experience here provides me with insights in government, international trade and the professional working world. I believe this will make me more valuable for future potential employers and give me a competitive advantage over other applicants.

The Washington Internship Institute (WII) made my current internship with the Department of Commerce possible. WII guided me through the steps of the application process and assisted me with organizing my stay in Washington, which was not easy as I am an international student from Bond University in Australia. I appreciated the orientation program of WII at my arrival in Washington. It helped to prepare for the internship, to find my way around Washington and to make social connections with other interns in the WII program.

The Internship Seminar offered by WII encourages me to reflect on my internship experience and also gives me valuable tips on how to network and be professional. I really enjoy the Foreign Policy class as well. This class broadens my horizon through field trips to different organizations in Washington DC and discussing current issues with Americans and other foreign students.

In addition to the classes and the internship, I also like the life in Washington DC. It is a fun city with a lot to do in your free time. I will miss my time here and hope that the connections I made will last.”

-Christopher Corbeil, Bond University, Fall 2015 Intern at U.S. Commercial Service, Department of Commerce- International Trade Administration

Duquesne University Junior's Marketing and Communications Studies Are Put Into Practice at American Heart Association

"I am the Marketing & Communications intern for the American Heart Association in the Greater Washington Region. Throughout my time at this site, I have completed quite a few projects very relevant to my field of study.

For example, I attended a hearing at the John A. Wilson building, in reference to Bill 21-0243, which included making CPR a mandatory requirement for high school students in DC. I created a media advisory and reached out to council members about the importance of CPR in DC schools. I also took pictures and interviewed witnesses. 

I was also responsible for putting together a media campaign for a contest sponsored by Match, where one of our own DC residents was chosen as one of the “Top Hottest” trainers across the site. For every profile view, $1 was donated to our organization. I had to pitch this contest to news and radio stations, and publications so they would advertise it.

One event that we are currently preparing for is our annual DC Heart Walk on November 7th, which will bring around 10,000 people to the National Mall. I am the social media lead for this event, which will involve making sure volunteers are taking as many pictures and posting as much as they can on social media. I have also been putting together many pictures and posts to help reach out to as many people as I can through various social media platforms.  

This internship has allowed me to put together what I’ve learned in the classroom into practice. I couldn’t have chosen a more fitting organization than the American Heart Association. There are also so many opportunities here in DC. I thought it was great to be here during many events, such as the Pope’s visit. There are also many networking opportunities here. I couldn’t have completed my first internship in a better place."

—Deleila Alloui, Duquesne University Junior, Fall 2015 Intern at the American Heart Association, Greater Washington Region