Bond University student gains insight into think tank world of policy and academia at Woodrow Wilson International Center For Scholars

"The WII program has facilitated an unparalleled adventure, filled with intellectual stimulation, networking opportunity and immersion into the DC culture. 

This semester I am interning at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. The Wilson Center devotes itself to engaging intellectuals in thoughtful, productive and unexplored debate; therefore through the internship I have been given insight into the think tank world of policy and academia. As a research assistant, I work closely with two of the most incredible senior scholars, exploring the intersection between terrorist recruitment with 1st amendment rights and America’s trade agreements. Both topics have given me the unique opportunity to explore issues that braid together both of my areas of study: law and International Relations. As a non-partisan institute the Wilson Center has the ability to host a number of events per day, usually panel debates, informative lectures, or addresses by notable speakers. Having the opportunity to attend these events and listen to topics I would otherwise never have understood or explored, has been invaluable and is my favorite aspect of the internship. 

The classes I am undertaking at WII have been an instrumental part of the experience. The Internship Seminar is aimed at creating the professional you. This semester we have undertaken informational interviews, discussed current news and issues, and explored topics such as salary negotiation and professional social media. All of the assessment tasks and class engagements are equipping us with the necessary skills for ‘the real world’. The second class, International Foreign Policy Studies, combines a mixture of theoretical based discussion, improvised debates, National Security Council simulations, notable guest speakers and think tank visits. This unique approach to the course material is really effective and engaging, as it forces you to think about the issues through a number of interpretations and avenues. 

Each weekend I look forward to days filled with yoga, cafes, strolls through neighborhoods and markets - Union Market being a particular favorite - and of course the occasional tourist indulgence (I would feel almost guilty leaving the nation’s capital without making my way through the extensive list of monuments and ‘must sees’). In particular Georgetown, with its charisma and relaxed atmosphere, quickly secured a very deserving spot on my list of DC favorites - although I will concede, any place playing home to Chaia and Baked and Wired will by default have a spot on the list!"

Kathryn Randle, Bond University, Spring 2016 Intern at Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

SUNY Plattsburgh Student Gains Insight Into Various Careers in Business, Government and the Private Sector

"My passion for education has immersed me in the study of finance, economics, statistics, and domestic/public policy. While I am enthralled by my coursework, my mathematically oriented brain craves tangible and practical application of the theory that I study. Typically finance students pursue advanced education and careers in the business industry. This is certainly an option for me, however, I also want to broaden my scope on future career possibilities to include the field of public service that involves the formulation and implementation of governmental policy and/or law. Working at the CRFB allows me to step away from the relatively abstract theory taught in a classroom and position me directly into the real world where academic theory is put into action.

Spending a semester gaining practical and professional experience in Washington will also be extra-ordinarily beneficial to my personal development. Arguably, when one is as interested in economics, policy and law as I am, there is no better place for professional networking and opportunity than Washington, DC. Ultimately, this experience will give me a deeper insight into the world in which my passions lie and will help me to clarify the path that is best suited for my personal and professional future. This entire experience has already been life changing and is helping to clarify my post-graduation goals.

At work and in my WII seminars, I have met many interesting people who come from a range of academic/professional backgrounds. As a result, I have discovered an array of occupational possibilities in business, government, and in private sector for which a specific undergraduate preparation is not necessarily required - occupations that I could consider. Finally, I am learning how our laws drive our economy and our government and find this enthralling…I see myself returning to Washington someday to study." 

-Brin DaleyKeyser, State University of New York at Plattsburgh, Spring 2016 Intern at Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

Colby-Sawyer College Student Discovers DC's Hidden Gems and New Skills at Senator Ayotte's Office

"Being able to intern in a US Senator’s Office is one of the most amazing opportunities that I am so lucky to have experienced. I still cannot believe that every day I get to work and walk around the powerhouse of American government. It makes it even better that I got to work for Senator Ayotte, from my home state. Working in the various offices, legislation, press, the front office, has given me a new understanding and appreciation for the work that goes on in a Senate office. I have learned and use numerous skills that I would not have gotten anywhere else.

Coming from a small town in New Hampshire I could have never imagined the things that D.C. has to offer. The amazing architecture of the city blows my mind every day that I walk around the city; it is also great for amazing Instagram pictures! There are innumerable cafes, restaurants, museums, and events that you can go to. My favorite times in the city have been simply walking down the streets of less-touristy places and finding the hidden gems that most people do not know of. 

The classes are great, I have learned so much about working on my professional image and networks from the seminar class. It really helped to get feedback on business cards, cover letters, resumes, and a personal statement. I have also learned more about such things as a professional Twitter and informational interviews. The seminar really helps to get you into the professional world even if you never had professional experience like me. 

I have to say that some of the most interesting speakers that I went to see were through the Inside Washington Class. The speakers were always pertinent to the topic of the class that week and really helped to show real world examples of the topics that we were discussing in class. My favorite speaker was from Issue One, an organization that works to educate the public on campaign finance reform and money in politics. These sorts of speakers and organizations are all over D.C. and it is totally worth checking them out."

-Aarron Dupuis, Colby-Sawyer College, Spring 2016 Intern with Senator Kelly Ayotte

Bond University Student Gains Competitive Advantage at U.S. Department of Commerce

“I am interning with the U.S. Commercial Service at the Department of Commerce in Washington DC. The U.S. Commercial Service is an organization that promotes and supports American companies exporting to foreign markets. My duties at the U.S. Commercial Service include creating performance metrics spread sheets, infographics, media advisories, newsletters, weekly department reports, managing an award program and assisting my colleagues in whatever they can use my help. The internship relates perfectly to my studies of international business and gives me the possibility to gain university credits through practical work. My experience here provides me with insights in government, international trade and the professional working world. I believe this will make me more valuable for future potential employers and give me a competitive advantage over other applicants.

The Washington Internship Institute (WII) made my current internship with the Department of Commerce possible. WII guided me through the steps of the application process and assisted me with organizing my stay in Washington, which was not easy as I am an international student from Bond University in Australia. I appreciated the orientation program of WII at my arrival in Washington. It helped to prepare for the internship, to find my way around Washington and to make social connections with other interns in the WII program.

The Internship Seminar offered by WII encourages me to reflect on my internship experience and also gives me valuable tips on how to network and be professional. I really enjoy the Foreign Policy class as well. This class broadens my horizon through field trips to different organizations in Washington DC and discussing current issues with Americans and other foreign students.

In addition to the classes and the internship, I also like the life in Washington DC. It is a fun city with a lot to do in your free time. I will miss my time here and hope that the connections I made will last.”

-Christopher Corbeil, Bond University, Fall 2015 Intern at U.S. Commercial Service, Department of Commerce- International Trade Administration

Daemen College Student Witnesses Inner Workings of U.S. Foreign Policy at Department of State

"Having been offered an internship with the Department of State is the biggest accomplishment of my college career thus far. I am an intern in the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in the Youth Programs Division. My division is responsible for managing high school study abroad programs. I chose to work for this particular bureau because ECA’s mission of promoting mutual understanding worldwide embodies all that I value. 
My time at the State Department is spent completing various tasks. I work to increase the number of participants in our study abroad programs by recruiting potential candidates. I also review and analyze proposals of study abroad organizations, such as CIEE and AFS-USA, who request federal funding from our bureau. I am also invited to important meetings and discussions where I take notes and send them to colleagues who cannot attend. My tasks vary day by day.  

I am so thankful for my internship at the Department of State. I have had the opportunity to be present for a speech made by Secretary of State John Kerry. I was able to tour the White House. I volunteered at events where I met ambassadors from all over the world. I have also had the chance to network with numerous Foreign Service Officers, Civil Service Officers, and Retired Peace Corps Volunteers. I am so incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to witness the inner workings of U.S. foreign policy. I highly recommend anyone apply for an internship with the Department of State. 

My semester at the Washington Internship Institute has catapulted me further forward on my scale of success. This institute has helped mold my character, and I am now a more professional being. The classes offered at WII are critical for those who wish to develop advanced skills and competence. The debates and discussions in my foreign policy class have enabled me to develop a more broad perspective of the world. The workshops in my seminar class have aided in my professional development. WII does not only offer outstanding classes, but also exciting activities. Fellow interns and I were able to step inside George Washington’s house. We listened to ghost stories in Georgetown and stared at haunted houses in terror during a ghost tour.  The Washington Internship Institute is a wonderful organization, and one in which I will recommend to every student as soon as I return home to Daemen College."    

-Christine Kozlowski, Daemen College Senior, Fall 2015 Intern at U.S. Department of State

Duquesne University Junior's Marketing and Communications Studies Are Put Into Practice at American Heart Association

"I am the Marketing & Communications intern for the American Heart Association in the Greater Washington Region. Throughout my time at this site, I have completed quite a few projects very relevant to my field of study.

For example, I attended a hearing at the John A. Wilson building, in reference to Bill 21-0243, which included making CPR a mandatory requirement for high school students in DC. I created a media advisory and reached out to council members about the importance of CPR in DC schools. I also took pictures and interviewed witnesses. 

I was also responsible for putting together a media campaign for a contest sponsored by Match, where one of our own DC residents was chosen as one of the “Top Hottest” trainers across the site. For every profile view, $1 was donated to our organization. I had to pitch this contest to news and radio stations, and publications so they would advertise it.

One event that we are currently preparing for is our annual DC Heart Walk on November 7th, which will bring around 10,000 people to the National Mall. I am the social media lead for this event, which will involve making sure volunteers are taking as many pictures and posting as much as they can on social media. I have also been putting together many pictures and posts to help reach out to as many people as I can through various social media platforms.  

This internship has allowed me to put together what I’ve learned in the classroom into practice. I couldn’t have chosen a more fitting organization than the American Heart Association. There are also so many opportunities here in DC. I thought it was great to be here during many events, such as the Pope’s visit. There are also many networking opportunities here. I couldn’t have completed my first internship in a better place."

—Deleila Alloui, Duquesne University Junior, Fall 2015 Intern at the American Heart Association, Greater Washington Region

Roger Williams University Student Combines Passions for Journalism, Political Science and Social Justice at Street Sense

"This summer I had the tremendous opportunity to intern in the editorial office at Street Sense. I was able to combine my passions for journalism, political science, and social justice while developing articles on homelessness and poverty in Washington, D.C. 

I wanted to spend my time in D.C. fully emerged in my field of study. Street Sense not only met my expectations, but far exceeded them. I was able to pitch story ideas; follow through with data collection, interviews, and relevant event coverage; write stories that I was passionate about, with a full team of interns’ and the editor’s full support; and ultimately see my portfolio of published material grow drastically over the course of the summer. 

Working with Street Sense was like working with a tightly-knit family, and I was made to feel right at home. Street Sense vendors and interns worked closely with both the editor and executive director of the publication, as well as other staff members. Everyone had a crucial role in the development of the bi-weekly newspaper, and everyone’s importance was well recognized. As an editorial intern, I was tasked with not only developing content through my own reporting, but also editing various submissions that were published throughout the bi-weekly cycles, designing page layouts with InDesign, photographing and reporting on various events pertaining to the issues important to Street Sense, and helping to maintain the online material and archives. 

Not only did I receive great professional experiences this summer, but I also am truly thankful for the personal experiences I had as well. I finished my summer in D.C. with great new friends that I was able to bond with through WII’s programs and classes." 

—Mark D. Thayer, Roger Williams University Junior, Summer 2015 Intern at Street Sense