Global Women's Leadership Development


Global Women’s Leadership Development (GWLD) offers you the opportunity to spend a semester or summer in Washington, DC studying the key issues facing women around the world and in the US as we move into the 21st century. Whether considering critical issues such as women’s health, including child bearing and HIV/AIDS, gender and family, universal legal and human rights, women in war and in post-conflict circumstances, human trafficking, economic entrepreneurship and micro-lending, you will have the chance to critically assess case studies in an intensive core course. Through your professional and academic experience, you will also consider these questions: how do we develop more opportunities for women in global and domestic political leadership, women in Congress and parliaments, state houses, executive corporate leadership, international organizations, and non-profit leadership?

Combine your core course with a substantive, hands-on internship in the nation’s capital with an international non-governmental organization, women’s political or legal advocacy group, corporation, or government agency. Be a part of shaping opportunities for women in the world of the 21st century with a semester with the Washington Internship Institute.

Download sample syllabus for Global Women's Leadership Development (PDF)

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