Echo of the Past

One time when I was driving on some unknown road that Waze had told me to take to avoid traffic, I drove past this really cool Art Deco sign for Glen Echo Park, followed shortly thereafter by a sign for the Clara Barton house.

I did a little digging afterward and found out that Glen Echo Park started as a Chautauqua retreat in the 1890s, and Clara Barton moved her home and the eventual headquarters for the American Red Cross there. After that retreat failed, it was turned into an amusement park that ran until the '60s. Relatively recently, parts of the park have been restored, including a working carousel. Now occupying the midway are galleries, a puppet theater, a children's theater, and other arts organizations. In the famed ballroom, dances are held. 

Altogether, it's a cool piece of history that has a second life today serving its community.