The 14 Reasons 14th St. is So Cool Now

When I first started coming to DC, 14th St. was not a place to go to; there wasn't much there, and what was there was not very attractive. Now, 14th St. (NW, specifically between N and V streets) is a great place to go to, for the following reasons:

  1. Bakehouse: I had a bacon cheddar scone here once that I still think about. Also, I heard they make their own butter, which is pretty cool.
  2. Barcelona: Tapas and great wine are on the menu here, but really it's the outdoor space that's the real draw.
  3. Black Cat: DC's venue for alternative and independent music; it was really the only thing on 14th St. twenty years ago, so they obviously knew what they were doing.
  4. Garden District: You just might miss this beer garden when you walk by, as there's no sign and it's pretty tiny. It's a great place though to hang out, watch people, and enjoy a drink and some pretzels.
  5. Ghibellina: They have other stuff here, but the pizza is the draw; they give you scissors to cut out your own slices.
  6. Kapnos: For all you Top Chef fans, this is owned by Mike Isabella and its chef is George from the most recent season. Great Greek food.
  7. Le Diplomate: having run through a great many of Stephen Starr's restaurants in Philadelphia, I'm glad he has at least one outpost here with a wonderful recreation of a Parisian brasserie.
  8. Lupo Verde: This place is almost always jam-packed, and for good reason: great, creative Italian food.
  9. Miss Pixie's: Vintage furniture and decor; I picked up a strange end table here that is banged up but has lots of character, just like this store.
  10. Peregrine Espresso: Coffee snobs unite! Very good espresso and coffee with Counter Culture beans.
  11. Piola:  I like pizza, OK? "Famosi per la pizza"--yes, indeed. They have great pizza.
  12. Studio Theatre: One of DC's best contemporary theater companies.
  13. Taylor: Another Philly reminder. Some guys from Philly decided DC needed some good hoagies, so they made their own. Sandwiches are named after Philly streets and places. They were so successful, that Taylor has become something of a chain, which I can't be happier about, because that means their hoagies are always near.
  14. 2 Birds, 1 Stone: High-quality, constantly changing, and entertaining cocktails.

And, that's not an exhaustive list: I still have places to try--do you have any recommendations?